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Best Day Ever Animer and price revision Arrow Personalized - Beverage supreme 100 Cocktail Napkins

Best Day Ever Arrow Personalized Beverage Cocktail Napkins - 100


Best Day Ever Arrow Personalized Beverage Cocktail Napkins - 100

Product description


Personalized beverage napkins are custom printed in your choice of napkin color and foil color. These 3-ply napkins can be personalized for a wedding, baptism, graduation, anniversary or other special occasion. Be sure to order plenty of napkins for your event - we recommend an estimate of 2 to 3 napkins per person.

Best Day Ever Arrow Personalized Beverage Cocktail Napkins - 100

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Longtime Scalise adviser sets target on Raytheon

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A longtime aide to Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) has traded in his Hill experience for a job at Raytheon.

Dan Sadlosky joined the defense contractor this month as a government-relations director. Raytheon is Washington's tenth-largest lobbying presence, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, and spent more than $8.2 million on federal lobbying in the first half of the year.

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The U.S. Association of Former Members of Congress spent just shy of $151,000 on six days of travel for just eight members - Reps. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.), Brendan Boyle (D-Pa.), Darren Soto (D-Fla.), Ami Bera (D-Calif.), Peter Meijer (R-Mich.), Tony Gonzales (R-Texas), Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-Wash.) and Young Kim (R-Calif.).

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San Francisco Chronicle
... an overnight sensation ...
House Press Secretary
Yep, still loving StormFeed. Kind of the greatest thing ever
Andy Finch
Director of Policy, Association of Art Museum Directors
I have found LegiStorm essential for my job and quite surprising in its capabilities. For an arts presentation I needed to give on Capitol Hill, I was able to automatically download key arts staffers associated with all members of the Congressional Arts Caucus. I also able to find staff with "art" in their education backgrounds, so they got invited too. Definitely fun, and useful.
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Mirko Draca
Researcher, London School of Economics
The data provided by LegiStorm stands out as the best Congressional data available. The accuracy and organization of LegiStorm's data has meant that I've been able to greatly speed up progress on my research. I have no hesitation in recommending LegiStorm to all types of researchers, journalists, lobbyists and other political professionals.
National Journal
... the one-stop research shop for everything congressional ...
Paul J. Pearce
President, National Forest Counties and Schools Coalition
We have found LegiStorm to be the ultimate tool in communicating with congressional offices, either individually or with a group. We have been able to reach out with messages to all chiefs of staff and legislative directors, or staff dedicated to specific areas. We believe that this ability was instrumental in passing two key pieces of legislation which were imperative to our members.
Casey Flanagan
Federal Public Policy, National Federation of Independent Business
LegiStorm Pro is the best source out there today to keep track of the comings and goings of Hill staff. It is user-friendly and constantly updated.