Motherwort Alcohol-Free Liquid All items in the store Car Extract Leonurus Motherwort Alcohol-Free Liquid All items in the store Car Extract Leonurus $196 Motherwort Alcohol-Free Liquid Extract, Motherwort (Leonurus Car Health Household Health Care,Motherwort,Car,(Leonurus,Health Household , Health Care,Alcohol-Free,/lithogenous1259370.html,Motherwort,Extract,,Liquid,$196,Motherwort,Car,(Leonurus,Health Household , Health Care,Alcohol-Free,/lithogenous1259370.html,Motherwort,Extract,,Liquid,$196 $196 Motherwort Alcohol-Free Liquid Extract, Motherwort (Leonurus Car Health Household Health Care

Motherwort Alcohol-Free Liquid All items Super popular specialty store in the store Car Extract Leonurus

Motherwort Alcohol-Free Liquid Extract, Motherwort (Leonurus Car


Motherwort Alcohol-Free Liquid Extract, Motherwort (Leonurus Car

Product description

Size:64 Ounce

Motherwort (Leonurus Cardiaca) is a perennial herb up to 150 cm high. The stem is erect, tetrahedral. Petiole leaves are opposite, dark green, covered with small dense hairs. The lower ones are rounded or ovoid, up to the middle of the leaf are palmate-five distinct, the upper ones are simpler. The flowers are pale pink, collected in false thick whorls in the axils of the upper leaves. The plant blooms from June to September.

Motherwort Alcohol-Free Liquid Extract, Motherwort (Leonurus Car

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