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Glopo Reed Blinds for Home Outdoor Roll Indoor Don't miss the campaign A surprise price is realized Up Shades Bamboo

Glopo Reed Blinds for Home,Outdoor Bamboo Roll Up Shades,Indoor


Glopo Reed Blinds for Home,Outdoor Bamboo Roll Up Shades,Indoor

Product description


♣The reed curtain has a unique natural plant aroma, which is deeply loved by people. The unique filter effect will add a touch of softness to your home decoration.
♣Simple and elegant design, add a touch of exquisite and delicate atmosphere to your space. The hand-knitting process can satisfy your creativity in room decoration.

About goods
Name: Reed Curtain
Process: hand-woven
Principle: Drawstring
Color: Carbonized
Maintenance: clean with a wet towel
Packing: reed curtain 8*1+ accessories

About measurement
External installation: Curtain width = window width + 10 cm (4 inches); curtain height = window height + 10 cm
Internal installation: Curtain width = window width-1 cm (0.4 inches); curtain height = window height

*Because it is a handmade product, the finished product will have an error of 1-2cm, please understand.
*The reed curtain is a natural material with slightly different shapes and colors.
*We always strive to provide you with quality service, if you have any questions, please contact us in time, we will solve the problem for you in time.

Glopo Reed Blinds for Home,Outdoor Bamboo Roll Up Shades,Indoor

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