Drive,,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Honda,$24,Chain,Yellow,Caltric,/limacon233545.html,S,O-Ring,with,Compatible,Vt750C Caltric Superlatite O-Ring Yellow Drive Chain Vt750C Compatible Honda S with $24 Caltric O-Ring Yellow Drive Chain Compatible with Honda Vt750C S Automotive Motorcycle Powersports Caltric Superlatite O-Ring Yellow Drive Chain Vt750C Compatible Honda S with $24 Caltric O-Ring Yellow Drive Chain Compatible with Honda Vt750C S Automotive Motorcycle Powersports Drive,,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Honda,$24,Chain,Yellow,Caltric,/limacon233545.html,S,O-Ring,with,Compatible,Vt750C

Caltric Superlatite O-Ring Yellow Drive Chain Genuine Vt750C Compatible Honda S with

Caltric O-Ring Yellow Drive Chain Compatible with Honda Vt750C S


Caltric O-Ring Yellow Drive Chain Compatible with Honda Vt750C S

Product description



The Yellow O-Ring Drive Chain comes in standard 120 Links.
Yellow O-Ring Drive Chain with Master Link (Tensile Strength of 8200 pounds).
O-Ring Style means it will last longer with less maintenance than conventional chain
Compatible with Honda models
VT750C Shadow Ace 750 1998-2001

Caltric O-Ring Yellow Drive Chain Compatible with Honda Vt750C S

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