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TwiinSisters Women's Sale item High Waist Latest item Super Fabric Premium Bas Stretch

TwiinSisters Women's High Waist Super Stretch Premium Fabric Bas


TwiinSisters Women's High Waist Super Stretch Premium Fabric Bas

Product Description

TwiinSisters is a women's online retail apparel company based in Los Angeles, California. Our mission is to deliver a Chic and Glamorous Fashion Lifestyle to our customers across the Globe.

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Designed amp; Manufactured by TwiinSisters

  • Model is wearing Small Size. Height : 5'7" Weight : 120 lbs.
  • Machine Washable In Cold Water; Do Not Bleach, Tumble Dry Low
  • Durable, long lasting colors. Stays in pristine condition after multiple of washes.
  • Material: 97% Cotton +3% Spandex. 100% brand new and high quality!
  • Style: Sexy, Unique, Chic, Modern, Urban, Bohemian, Slim, Chain, Streetwear, Stretch, Curvy, Piped, Glam
  • Occasion: Spring, Summer, Fall, Date, Party, Beach, Daily Casual, Concert, Club, Work. Daily Look

Package include: 1 qt of Womens Jeans

**Kindly note that garments actual color could be little different due to computer/monitor settings . **

Please check measurements before ordering. Please allow +/- 1 inch / 2 cm difference due to hand measurement.

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TwiinSisters Women's High Waist Super Stretch Premium Fabric Bas

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