2,$35,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Ventshade,/endogastritis1259196.html,Auto,Carflector,AVS,vili-komfort.com,for,Smoke,Shield,Dark,Hood,20343 $35 Auto Ventshade AVS 20343 Carflector Dark Smoke Hood Shield for 2 Automotive Replacement Parts $35 Auto Ventshade AVS 20343 Carflector Dark Smoke Hood Shield for 2 Automotive Replacement Parts 2,$35,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Ventshade,/endogastritis1259196.html,Auto,Carflector,AVS,vili-komfort.com,for,Smoke,Shield,Dark,Hood,20343 Auto Ventshade AVS 20343 Carflector Dark Shield Hood for Smoke 2 Gifts Auto Ventshade AVS 20343 Carflector Dark Shield Hood for Smoke 2 Gifts

Auto Ventshade AVS Manufacturer regenerated product 20343 Carflector Dark Shield Hood for Smoke 2 Gifts

Auto Ventshade AVS 20343 Carflector Dark Smoke Hood Shield for 2


Auto Ventshade AVS 20343 Carflector Dark Smoke Hood Shield for 2

Product description

The Auto Ventshade Carflector is designed specifically for cars and SUVs, with all the features and benefits of its bigger cousin, the Bugflector II. The AVS Carflector is designed to protect and complement the contours of your vehicle's hood – keeping it looking new. This custom-molded hood shield is made in the USA and precision-engineered to fit your hood perfectly. This hood shield’s lower profile provides extra protection from mud, sand, dust as well as rocks and other road debris. The shield’s durable, impact-modified acrylic material makes it wear-and-tear resistant as well as car-wash safe. Your vehicle’s Carflector can remain on the hood during a car wash. The shield is easily removed from the hood for easy cleaning and waxing. Features a simple installation process that can be completed at home in 10 minutes or less with no drilling required. In order to protect the hood paint from rubbing against the shield if hit by debris, the set includes several clear rubber bumpers easily applied to the hood during installation. The set includes installation instructions and required hardware.

Auto Ventshade AVS 20343 Carflector Dark Smoke Hood Shield for 2

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