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Sony SRSBTX500 Lowest price challenge Portable Financial sales sale NFC Bluetooth Speaker Wireless S Premium

Sony SRSBTX500 Portable NFC Bluetooth Wireless Premium Speaker S


Sony SRSBTX500 Portable NFC Bluetooth Wireless Premium Speaker S

Product description

Product Packaging:Standard Packaging

Product Description

Welcome to premium sound and the ultimate convenience. This 40-watt speaker lets you rock out with bold sound and effortless, one-touch pairing to your smartphone. NFC lets you wirelessly connect your compatible devices by tapping them together—no fussing with codes required. Bluetooth connection is also built in, so it makes a great speakerphone.

From the Manufacturer

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Turn up the fun with bold, premium sound and wireless audio streaming with Bluetooth. One-Touch listening technology even lets you connect and listen with a simple touch. The powerful, 40-watt Magnetic Fluid speaker system delivers an experience that begs to be heard and also doubles as a convenient speakerphone. You won't believe your ears!


Enjoy powerful sound

Packing a 40-watt punch1, this stereo Bluetooth speaker system combines Sony-exclusive DMC technologies: Dual Passive Radiators, Magnetic Fluid Speakers, and Clear Phase DSP to deliver a superb audio experience.

Stream your music wirelessly

Easily pair, stream, and control your Bluetooth audio streaming experience via integrated Bluetooth A2DP (advanced audio distribution profile) support and a compatible digital music player, smartphone, tablet, or computer. For maximum performance, built-in AAC and apt-X codec support avoids signal quality loss when streaming your favorite music.

One-Touch listening

Enjoy simplified Bluetooth connectivity thanks to One-Touch listening technology. Align and touch NFC (Near Field Communication) logos to: power the speaker on, activate Bluetooth, pair devices, and stream music. When done, align and touch the NFC logos to disconnect.

Take or make calls

More than just a speaker, you can take advantage of hands-free calling via the built-in speakerphone at the push of a button.

Move from room to room

With a built-in battery you can enjoy your favorite tunes anywhere around the house, indoors or out (up to 6-hours battery life2). The supplied neoprene case is perfect for protecting the speaker unit during transport.

Charge while you listen

A convenient, rear-mounted USB port is available to charge your compatible audio sources including: digital music players, smartphones, or tablets, even when not plugged into an AC outlet.

Additional Features

Sleek and modern design

A premium design with brushed stainless steel accents will complement any decor.

Auxiliary Audio Input

An Auxiliary Audio input lets you connect a variety of digital music players to the speaker dock for easy access to your music (cable not included).

Handy Travel Case

A supplied neoprene case is perfect for protecting the speaker unit during transport.

Comparison Chart

Bluetooth Audio Streaming
One-Touch listening with NFC
Speakerphone Function -
Sony Sound Enhancement - - - Passive Radiator DMC
USB Charging - - -
Battery Operated1 Rechargeable
up to 5 hours
AA x 4,
up to 20 hours
C cell x 6,
up to 16 hours
Up to 8 hours
Up to 6 hours
Recommended Uses Ultra-Portable Portable Portable Boombox Portable Home/Office
Colors Black,White,Pink Black Black Black,White Black

1. Measurements: 10 watts minimum RMS power at 6 Ohm load from 150-10,000 Hz with a THD of no more than 10% (using AC power).

2. Actual battery life may vary upon usage patterns, product settings, battery and environmental conditions.

Sony SRSBTX500 Portable NFC Bluetooth Wireless Premium Speaker S

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