Extra Wide SALENEW very popular! Curved Shower Curtain Rod Oil Bronze Rubbed $81 Extra Wide Curved Shower Curtain Rod (Oil Rubbed Bronze) Home Kitchen Bath Shower,Curtain,Rubbed,Bronze),vili-komfort.com,Curved,$81,Extra,/emasculative105576.html,Wide,Rod,(Oil,Home Kitchen , Bath Extra Wide SALENEW very popular! Curved Shower Curtain Rod Oil Bronze Rubbed Shower,Curtain,Rubbed,Bronze),vili-komfort.com,Curved,$81,Extra,/emasculative105576.html,Wide,Rod,(Oil,Home Kitchen , Bath $81 Extra Wide Curved Shower Curtain Rod (Oil Rubbed Bronze) Home Kitchen Bath

Extra Wide SALENEW very popular Curved Shower Curtain Rod Financial sales sale Oil Bronze Rubbed

Extra Wide Curved Shower Curtain Rod (Oil Rubbed Bronze)


Extra Wide Curved Shower Curtain Rod (Oil Rubbed Bronze)

Product description

Color:Oil Rubbed Bronze

The original "Crescent Rod" - started the revolution of Curved Shower Rods. Used in hotels - worldwide. 1" Diameter Stainless Steel Plated Tubing.Mounting hardware included.Extra width is made by taking the 72" wide curved shower rod and adding (2) 5" Extensions.The rod can easily be cut to a smaller width.

Extra Wide Curved Shower Curtain Rod (Oil Rubbed Bronze)

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