$11 James Gaskets Wheel Seal - Double Lip - .500in. Automotive Tires Wheels Wheel,$11,-,Double,Gaskets,-,/crutch1259291.html,Lip,vili-komfort.com,.500in.,Seal,Automotive , Tires Wheels,James James Gaskets Wheel Seal Rapid rise .500in. Lip Double - $11 James Gaskets Wheel Seal - Double Lip - .500in. Automotive Tires Wheels Wheel,$11,-,Double,Gaskets,-,/crutch1259291.html,Lip,vili-komfort.com,.500in.,Seal,Automotive , Tires Wheels,James James Gaskets Wheel Seal Rapid rise .500in. Lip Double -

James Gaskets Ranking TOP18 Wheel Seal Rapid rise .500in. Lip Double -

James Gaskets Wheel Seal - Double Lip - .500in.


James Gaskets Wheel Seal - Double Lip - .500in.

Product description

Genuine James Gaskets uses state of the art materials and production methods to make the best gaskets available.
Comprehensive gasket kits for many applications as well as individual gaskets are available.
Various material choices available depending on application.
FOAMET - foam covered metal.
MLS - multi layered steel.
RCM - rubber covered metal.
Micropore paper gaskets with or without elastomer bead (Nitrile or Silicone).
Made in the U.S.A..
5 pack.
Replaces OEM # 47519-58,

This item fits the following vehicle applications:
for Harley Davidson XLCH 1979
for Harley Davidson XLH1000 1979-1983

James Gaskets Wheel Seal - Double Lip - .500in.

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