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Tucson Mall Mini Gadgets Professional Popular product Portable Voice Pitch Range 14 Changer

Mini Gadgets Professional Portable Voice Changer 14 Pitch Range


Mini Gadgets Professional Portable Voice Changer 14 Pitch Range

Product description

This portable unit has a 14-pitch range, so you can modify your voice a full seven pitches up or down. Just speak into the built-in microphone and the changer projects your altered voice. This top of the line gadget also has volume controls and secures to most phones with its Velcro strap. Runs off a single 9v battery (not included).


14 pitch range
Works with most phones


1 VC-300 Voice Changer
1 voice projector w/ Velcro attachment

Mini Gadgets Professional Portable Voice Changer 14 Pitch Range

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Footstool Fabric Shoe Bench Sofa Bench Stackable Storage Cloth C


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