XIII - Limited Edition One Xbox Outlet SALE /artotypy105988.html,Video Games , Xbox One,Limited,-,$35,One),XIII,Edition,(Xbox,vili-komfort.com $35 XIII - Limited Edition (Xbox One) Video Games Xbox One $35 XIII - Limited Edition (Xbox One) Video Games Xbox One /artotypy105988.html,Video Games , Xbox One,Limited,-,$35,One),XIII,Edition,(Xbox,vili-komfort.com XIII - Limited Edition One Xbox Outlet SALE

XIII - Limited Genuine Edition One Xbox Outlet SALE

XIII - Limited Edition (Xbox One)


XIII - Limited Edition (Xbox One)

Product description

Product Description

Who are you, really?

XIII is a remake of the cult first-person action game that was initially released in 2003. You play as "XIII", a man without an identity, in a solo campaign with numerous twists and turns. Inspired by the eponymous graphic novel, the game features a completely reinvented and unique cel-shading design. In XIII, players can also take part in fierce multi-player fights.

The country remains in a state of shock following the assassination of President Sheridan. You wake up, wounded and with amnesia, on a deserted beach on the east coast. The only clues as to your identity are a tattoo of the number XIII near your collarbone and a locker key. Even though your memory is failing, you discover that you have the reflexes of a highly trained professional fighter. You set off in search of your past, discovering that you played a role in the murder of the President of the United States of America, and revealing the most astounding conspiracy ever hatched in the country's history.

The Limited Edition includes the following:

A two-sided metal collector box

A unique collector sleeve

3 art prints

The original game soundtrack in digital format

The XIII Golden Classic Weapon Skins pack.

Pre-order XIII to unlock the Golden Classic Weapon Skins pack!

Set Contains:

A two-sided metal Collector box, A unique Collector sleeve, 3 art prints, The original game soundtrack in digital format.

XIII - Limited Edition (Xbox One)

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Roper Solid Poplin - Orange


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Rhino Canvas Wall Art Print, Rhinoceros Artwork


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Dr. Gail Cresci Takes Office as ASPEN’s 45th President