Pacific Customs Black Retro Looking Basket Cup Wire Storage Hold Free shipping anywhere in the nation $40 Pacific Customs Black Retro Looking Wire Storage Basket Cup Hold Automotive Interior Accessories Pacific,Retro,Cup,Automotive , Interior Accessories,,$40,Black,Hold,Basket,/amylogenesis233626.html,Storage,Looking,Customs,Wire Pacific Customs Black Retro Looking Basket Cup Wire Storage Hold Free shipping anywhere in the nation Pacific,Retro,Cup,Automotive , Interior Accessories,,$40,Black,Hold,Basket,/amylogenesis233626.html,Storage,Looking,Customs,Wire $40 Pacific Customs Black Retro Looking Wire Storage Basket Cup Hold Automotive Interior Accessories

Pacific Customs Black Retro Looking Basket Cup Wire Storage Hold Free Miami Mall shipping anywhere in the nation

Pacific Customs Black Retro Looking Wire Storage Basket Cup Hold


Pacific Customs Black Retro Looking Wire Storage Basket Cup Hold

Product description

Our retro looking storage baskets fit over the tunnel right in front of the shifter, no hardware is required. Available in black, white and chrome. Fits all years of beetles, super beetles, thing's, karmann ghia's, type 3's, manx dune buggies, and other fiberglass dune buggies that have a Volkswagen pan.

Pacific Customs Black Retro Looking Wire Storage Basket Cup Hold

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