Arc'teryx Max 43% OFF Brize 32 Backpack Daypack Hiking Eve Travel for and Arc'teryx Max 43% OFF Brize 32 Backpack Daypack Hiking Eve Travel for and $112 Arc'teryx Brize 32 Backpack | Daypack for Hiking, Travel and Eve Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Backpack,,32,|,Brize,Arc'teryx,Eve,$112,for,and,Travel,Daypack,/amylogenesis105926.html,Hiking,,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness Backpack,,32,|,Brize,Arc'teryx,Eve,$112,for,and,Travel,Daypack,/amylogenesis105926.html,Hiking,,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness $112 Arc'teryx Brize 32 Backpack | Daypack for Hiking, Travel and Eve Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

Arc'teryx Max half 43% OFF Brize 32 Backpack Daypack Hiking Eve Travel for and

Arc'teryx Brize 32 Backpack | Daypack for Hiking, Travel and Eve


Arc'teryx Brize 32 Backpack | Daypack for Hiking, Travel and Eve

Product description

Pack Pocket Configuration
- Internal security pocket
- Zippered pocket on front of pack
- Top lid pocket
- Side pockets can carry 1L bottles or trekking poles

Pack Hydration
- HydroPort drink tube passage with internal clip to keep bladder suspended
- Hydration bladder compatible

Pack Design amp; Construction
- Dual front daisy chains with SwiftClip bungee straps to secure items like trekking poles
- Aeroform thermoformed, hydrophobic back enhances air flow

Pack Suspension Configuration
- Padded shoulder straps with sternum strap

Pack Loading amp; Closure Configuration
- Top access main compartment with drawcord closure

Pack Compression Strap Configuration
- Four compression straps - two on each side

Pack Attachment Configuration
- Secures single ice or mountaineering tool

Pack Dimensions
- Brize 32 Backpack = Height: 61cm, Width: 25cm, Depth: 20cm

Arc'teryx Brize 32 Backpack | Daypack for Hiking, Travel and Eve

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